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Video design is a diverse field having applications in TV, theatre, film, and video productions. It is a creative avenue where your imagination and aesthetic sensibilities manifest to produce stunning results. It is flourishing on the back of growth in the media industry and shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Let us share with you 10 video design courses that will help you master this craft.

1- Color correction: Color grading for locations and times of day:

Color correction: Color grading for locations and times of day

Colors create mood, form the essence, and enhance the efficacy of any scene. It goes without saying that its use can significantly alter the effect of your video, for good or bad. Nowadays, adding the right color to create the right atmosphere is very critical. This course will teach you all that and more; it costs US$34.99. Learn how to play with colors by clicking here.

2- Premiere Pro: Commercial editing techniques:

Premiere Pro: Commercial editing techniques

Advertisements are a widespread type of short-form videos. Premiere Pro is one such program where you can learn how to produce advertisements creatively and use them for commercial purposes. It provides you with various tools and techniques for this purpose. In this course, you can acquaint yourself with the commercial editing techniques available in it. The course will cost you US$39.99, and you can join it by clicking here.

3- DSLR video tips: Technical knowledge:

DSLR video tips: Technical knowledge

DSLR cameras remain a handy tool to shoot videos. It does the job well and provides users with a decent range of features and functions for shooting videos and pics. Vloggers, newbie filmmakers, and videographers use DSLR extensively. With this course, you can learn all the significant aspects of DSLR cameras, including choosing composition, size, frame rate, lighting, and some common troubleshooting tips. It costs USD34.99, and you can start the course here.

4- Learning typography for video editors:

Typography has become a specialized craft that requires time to learn and ace, especially for video editors. Its interplay with graphics and animations can enrich your video and produce a pleasing effect on the viewer. This course is available for US$34.99, and you can begin your journey by going to this place.

5- Video lighting: outdoor techniques:

Managing outdoor lighting and using it to gain maximum benefit for your shoot is requires training and experience. This course aims to equip you with the technical and aesthetic knowledge to make the right kind of use of sunlight. The sun can be your friend and a foe on any given shooting day. With the expertise that you will gain through this course, sunlight will always remain your best friend. It will cost you US$29.99, and here is the link to join this course.

6- Video lighting: Choosing lighting gear:

Lighting gear comes in all types, shapes, and sizes. It requires technical know-how to choose the right kind of lighting equipment to use for maximum effect. For this, you obviously need to learn about the different types of lighting on offer here and what type of light will be the most suitable for a particular shoot. You will also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of popular light forms like LED, fluorescent, tungsten, etc., and make a wise choice while picking one. It costs US$34.99, and you can join the course here.

7- Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Documentary Editing

7-	Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Documentary Editing

Documentary filmmaking has evolved into an independent genre of filmmaking. Through it, you narrate a story, interview the protagonists, and weave a narrative that should grip the viewers’ attention. It requires some different techniques than a regular feature film. In this course, you will learn the art and craft of documentary filmmaking with the help of Final cut Pro X v10.1.x. It also sheds light on some editing techniques to produce a slick documentary film. It costs US$44.99, and you can join it here.

8- Pro tools: Mixing a short film:

Pro tools: Mixing a short film

Like the documentary, the short film has grown in stature. It competes with a full-length feature film in technique, execution, scale, and reach. To make a short film and mix it professionally requires deft handling and in-depth knowledge of the subject. By using tools like Avid Media Composers and other such applications, this course will enhance your understanding of the subject and help you make a polished final cut with all the right ingredients. It costs US$39.99, and you can take this course here.

9- After effects guru: Keying with Keylight:

After effects guru: Keying with Keylight

The use of blue and green screens has grown manifold with time. It provides the makers with a plethora of possibilities to create their make-belief world at a competitive cost. This course will teach you how to use the blue and green-screened content with the help of Keylight, an excellent keyer that you get with every copy of your After effects guru. There are several options; you need to learn which one suits you the most and use it to create that magical aura that you desire. The course is available for US$39.99, and here is the link that will take you there.

10- Video foundations: Interviews:

Video foundations: Interviews

There is a vast viewership for interviews. A considerable number of people love to watch interviews of their favorite personalities and people. Interviewing is not child’s play, though. To produce a fascinating interview, the interviewer and the interview makers need to know some foundations of this genre. A bland question and answer session won’t hold the viewer’s attention, no matter how popular the interviewee is. So, in this course, you will learn all the bare essentials of conducting interviews and how to make them more engaging for the viewer by using different filming and other techniques. This course will cost you US$29.99, and you can enroll yourself here.


So, that was all about 10 of the best video design courses available online. The list is in random order and does not represent any ranking. We hope you will find it beneficial and informative and pick a course a two for yourself and others who may be interested in it.