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Virtual Study or e-Learning or distance learning; whatever you call it, has become an integral part of any student’s life. With the pandemic impacting the education industry all over the world, virtual study has become the way to gain an education. But can you gain a global perspective while sitting in the confines of a room? It may sound impossible to develop a broad perspective without stepping into the world. This is what we are going to find out.

The following write-up deals with ways to gain a global outlook while getting educated virtually. 

What is Virtual Study?

Virtual study means the educator and the student are physically not present in the same room where the teaching-learning process takes place. The instruction takes place online and one utilizes a computer plus the internet to teach. Online teaching can take place within the walls of an educational institution or outside of it. At times the teacher and the student need not be present online at the same time. Such is the nature of virtual study.

What are Global Perspectives?

In simple terms, global perspectives mean having a broader understanding of the world and the different people that live in it. At the same time, you grow as a person when this broad horizon shapes your identity. Global perspective develops your critical mind and churns the analytical wheels of your brain. In other words, you start thinking about the repercussions of your actions on the world and its people. You learn not to limit your perspective centered around yourself. Since you get exposed to various students, educators, course materials internationally, you start looking at the world from a different viewpoint. This way one develops a global perspective. 

Is Virtual Study the Best Option for Me?

Considering today’s uncertain times, yes, it is! If you have the option to travel the world then nothing like a first-hand experience. However, with the technology at hand today, one can take an online course for a few months and expand their horizon. In fact, this is one of the biggest advantages of online courses. They let you join for a semester and get a feel of the other side of the world. 

Is Virtual Study the Best Option for Me?

It may not be the best option but it’s worth a try. It will help you curb the pandemic-induced restlessness and gain a global perspective if nothing more.  

Advantages of a Virtual Study Program

There are several benefits to it-

  • Low cost- taking a virtual course will cost you one-tenth of what a physical course offers. You do not have to take into consideration any money spent on travel, boarding, or lodging.
  • More accessibility- some obstacles may not allow you to take a course physically. Hence a virtual course to the rescue. You can take any course from any institution in the world.
  • Self-paced and flexible- suppose you work but are keen on doing a particular course that interests you. Taking that course online will help with continuous learning while you work to pay the bills.
  • Exposure- is the biggest benefit of the virtual study. You interact with new people, learn about different cultures and gain a global perspective. This will look good on a resume.
  • Different experience- see it as an adventure. You get to meet new people, learn new languages and things. It’s like a trial run before you take the actual big step.

Developing a Global Perspective During Virtual Study

It may seem unusual how can one develop a global perspective while studying virtually? Without traveling how can one develop a global perspective? But one thing the pandemic has taught us is that nothing is impossible. 

Studying the different cultures of the world while being confined to the four walls is a possibility. The main rationale behind virtual study is that students can access the world from any part of the world. Not only do you get to broaden your horizon, but you are also more aware of the world and become a global citizen. With the increased exposure, you relate your thinking on an international level.

How Do I Gain Global Perspective?

How Do I Gain Global Perspective?

It is amply clear that developing a global perspective is imperative in today’s dynamic world. Let’s now move on to see how we develop this perspective.

There are several ways to do so. We have listed a few ones below-

  • Be a part of a comprehensive course- by comprehensive we mean, a virtual program that has a good mixture of students from all over the world. Not only do you get to interact with students from different countries, but you will also end up learning a lot more about a new culture. Some virtual programs arrange virtual events like art classes, movie nights, etc. for their students. This is an awesome way to interact and connect with students from different countries.
  • Host virtual study groups- joining and hosting study groups outside campus life is a normal routine of any university course. The same is possible in the virtual world. You can host or be a part of virtual study groups wherein you discuss course material and simultaneously interact informally. This is an effective way to gain a global perspective. You get to know how the course material impacts the other students that hold the same interest as you do.
  • Select a program offering practical experience in the future- in other words, it is wise to choose a course that guarantees some form of travel or excursions in the future. Gaining practical experience in the future is equally important. Also, due to the pandemic, many courses offer lucrative discounts to the students. 
  • Acquaint yourself with the local language- to gain a global perspective, learning different languages can prove fruitful in the future. The best way to learn the local language of any country is to interact with locals. Having study mates who speak the language you wish to learn in your virtual study group can help you learn it easily. This exposure can be beneficial in the longer run. 
Acquaint yourself with the local language
  • Build a connection with your professors- open and interactive sessions with the professors can help you gain a global perspective. They can recommend books and material to read. They can share their experiences and you can learn from them about the world. Be inquisitive in your approach and be open about any new academic experience.
  • Arrange casual sessions with your study mates- these interactive sessions can be informal wherein you hang out with your classmates and enjoy each other’s company. You can meet, interact and connect with fellow like-minded people who share the same global perspective as you. This association can be mutually beneficial. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the physical experience cannot be replaced by a virtual one. After all, it is only when you step out into the world that you develop a global perspective. A virtual study program can recreate similar experiences to some extent. It can equip you and prepare you to be a global citizen, thereby gaining a global perspective.